ArmatureEBS Framework

A practical guide for solving revenue growth problems and executing revenue growth strategy with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.

The ArmatureEBS Framework translates the time-tested Principles of Strategic Management into a practical guide for taking control of your revenue growth infrastructure.  

This enables entrepreneurs and executives to turn struggling companies into thriving businesses that continuously grow and innovate with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.

The ArmatureEBS Framework transparently cascades process accountability at the strategic, operating, tactical and activity levels. 

Strategy Formulation Requirements

  • Strategic Intent
  • Forecasts
  • Plans
  • Organization Structure

Strategy Execution Requirements

  • Procedures
  • Technology
  • Management/People Practices
  • Knowledge Transfer/Content

Strategy Execution Requirements

  • Measures
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Process Improvement

Strategy Formulation Requirements

Translate Mission, Vision, Values and Behaviors

Clarify your strategic intent including your purpose (mission), core values and behaviors, goals (vision) and strategic initiatives.

Forecast Accurately and Timely

Align your forecasts for revenue, work activities, productivity, staffing levels, and expense requirements.

Plan Products, Services, Markets and Execution

Validate that your product, service, industry, geographic, and customer plans are viable in the external marketplace.

Structure Businesses,  Departments and Jobs

Organize your business units, processes, departments, and jobs to clarify responsibilities, drive accountability and achieve results.

Strategy Execution Requirements

Map and Document Procedures

Recruiters - Hiring Process Design

Transparently identify work activities for serving each customer use case, across every stage of the customer life cycle.

Deploy Technology Enablers

Business Networking Training - Sales Technology

Ensure that technology is enabling your employees and managers – – rather than disenabling them!

Integrate Management Practices

Integrate your human resource practices to your mission, vision and goals at every stage of the employee life cycle.

Transfer Technical Knowledge

Provide instant access to instructions and policies so employees and managers can execute with precision!

Strategy Evaluation Requirements

Accurate and Complete Data Tracking

Ensure that data fields are  hierarchical, have consistent naming conventions, are collected as work is completed, are fully populated, and stored together.

Trusted and Timely Analytics

Integrate data tables so consistent analysis, interpretation, gap identification and process improvements can be instantly prioritized. 

Cascaded Reporting For Managers & Employees

Organize and Display data hierarchies uniformly so executives, managers and employees have a consistent view of data and analysis.

Actionable Process Improvements

Book Club - Image

Clarify action plans with specific accountability, actions, deadlines, expected outcomes, expenses, ROI; frequent progress reviews.