Merger & Acquisition Solutions

Which Aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions Are You Struggling With?

Conducting Due Diligence

Gaining Strategy Alignment

Cross-selling Offerings

Assessing Sales Management

Post Merger Org Structure

Cross-training Salespeople

Assessing Behaviors

Assessing Salespeople

What Causes M&A’s To Fail?

  1. Entrepreneurs Lack Sales Experience in lead generation, appointment setting, buyer qualification and needs investigation, pricing, and asking for the sale
  2. Product or Service is not viewed as a “must-have” and/or does not meet buyer minimum viable expectations
  3. Distracted by building the product or service, meetings with investors, or other non-sales activities
  4. Time Pressure to generate immediate revenue results to cover start-up costs scares off buyers
  5. Selling Future Product Capabilities rather than selling buyers on what the product/service is today