Evaluate Strategy With Precision

We show entrepreneurs and executives how to evaluate their strategy through measures, analysis, reports, and process improvements with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.

Common Sense Methods, Tools and Training That Enable Entrepreneurs and Executives To…

Accurate and Complete Data Tracking

Clarify your strategic intent including your purpose (mission), core values and behaviors, goals (vision) and strategic initiatives.

Trusted and Timely Analytics

Align your forecasts to your work activities, productivity, staffing, and expense capacity requirements.

Cascaded Reporting For Managers & Employees

Validate that your product, industry, geographic, and customer plans are viable in the external marketplace.

Actionable Process Improvements

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Structure your business units, departments, and jobs to clarify responsibilities, drive accountability and achieve results.

Stop Wasting, Time, Money and Morale. Start Taking Control Of Your Operating System Today!

For over 100-years, Strategy Evaluation practices have been taught at business colleges around the world as part of The Principles of Strategic Management.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and executives have not been exposed to these practices. This can lead to ineffective, inefficient, and unpredictable:

  • Measures – data field definitions, hierarchies, naming conventions, accuracy, completion and storage.
  • Reporting – data organization, visualization and display and dashboards.
  • Analysis – data interpretation, understanding, and recommendations.
  • Process Improvements – gap identification, prioritization, action planning, and change management.


The ArmatureEBS Strategy Evaluation Framework translates The Principles into practical steps, instructions and tools. This enables executives and entrepreneurs to quickly translate their vision into clear actions that managers and employees can understand and execute with precision – – effectively, efficiently and predictably.

Organic Growth Evaluation

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Cross-selling
  • Past customer win-back
  • Getting partners to sell

Innovation & Start-up Evaluation

  • Product development
  • Market viability
  • Funding
  • Go-To-Market 
  • Launch

Merger & Acquisition Evaluation

  • Exit strategy
  • Roll-up strategy
  • Due diligence
  • Post-merger integration
  • Restructuring

Expansion Growth Evaluation

  • Product expansion
  • Partner expansion
  • Industry expansion
  • Geographic expansion
  • Customer expansion

Stop Wasting, Time, Money and Morale. Start Taking Control Of Your Operating System Today!

Part 3 - Strategy Evaluation

  • Accurate Tracking of measures that can tell if processes are in or out of control
  • Trusted and Timely analytics and recommendations to speed decision making
  • Cascaded reporting that enables employee’s to understand and accept accountability
  • Actionable process improvements

Step 1

Accurate Data Tracking

Data Tracking provides executives, managers and employees with the details needed to inform their decision-making.  Its consists of your:

  • Data category hierarchies and fields
  • Data field naming conventions
  • Data completion compliance
  • Data storage and interconnections

We assist you by:

  • Auditing your data hierarchies, fields, naming conventions, storage and interconnections. 
  • Mapping your data category hierarchies and field structure
  • Defining your data field naming conventions
  • Monitoring data entry compliance for accuracy and completeness
  • Facilitating executive workshops to gain alignment, understanding of your data structure for decision-making..

Step 2

Trusted and Timely Analysis

Technology enables managers and employees to automate repetitive tasks, streamline manual work activities, sustain quality, and produce more output. It consists of:


We assist you by:

  • Documenting your revenue, work activity, productivity, staffing, and expense requirements and assumptions.
  • Integrating all five forecasts into a cause-and-effect scenario planning model.
  • Facilitating scenario planning conversations and documentation to provide a foundation for product/service, market, sales, marketing, and operations planning. 
  • Facilitating gap analysis, process improvement targeting, and action planning to close gaps.
  • Aligning all five forecasts into your performance goal setting, evaluation, compensation, training processes.  
  • Communicating your forecasts to investors, executives, managers, and employees.

Step 3

Cascaded Reporting

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Management Practices translate your procedures into manager and employee skill requirements, personal responsibilities, and the foundation for self-accountability. They consist of:


We assist you by:

  • Documenting your product/service hierarchy, features and benefits in relationship to competitors. 
  • Scoping and Sizing your external market.
  • Analyzing the viability of your revenue goals in relationship to the external market.
  • Facilitating planning workshops with product, industry, and geographic market managers to gain alignment, prioritize, and document.
  • Communicating plans to investors, executives, managers, and employees.
  • Training sales and customer service people on product, service, industry and geographic plans.

Step 4

Actionable Process Improvements

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Process Improvements enable managers and employees to access, find, understand, remember, and share information with each other, customers, and vendors. It consists of:


We assist you by: